We are

A brand specializing in providing equipment, medical refrigerators under Tan Long Trade and Construction Co., Ltd.

Over the past 10 years, we always improve the quality of products and services, continuously innovating and innovating to bring our customers the best quality and suitable products.



Providing high quality products and services in the health sector, contributing to developing and improving the quality of public health care.

A trusted candidate of customers, TANLONGMED always committed to be your companion with all our best efforts.


With a strategic vision and a desire to improve the quality of community health care, continuous innovation and creativity.

TANLONGMED aims to become a leading company in the field of medical equipment in Vietnam, contributing to the prosperous development of the country.


Prestige – responsibility: taking the word ” Prestige ” as a guideline for all business activities. Protect the word ” Prestige ” as protection of honor of TANLONGMED.

Friendly and empathetic: sincere, open communication, trust and respect for employees, customers, partners.

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When the story creates emotions

We give customers stories that are conveyed in many different ways. Our motto is to strive to create valuable and emotional communication works to help you accompany your customers and send core messages to them.

Work style

Professional, dedicated and non-stop With the mindful and dedicated staff, you will be satisfied from the beginning to the end of the project. Each project is a part of blood so we are always enthusiastic and creative and bring a remarkable result to every customer.

Continuous optimization system

The system is built by leading experts, ensuring smooth operation for customers’ products.

Professional, advanced

With many departments, each part undertakes a task in the process, ensuring rigor from the very beginning to the end of the project.

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