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Dear customer!

By capacity, the knowledge and many years of experience in the field of medical devices and represent many famous suppliers in the world, TANLONGMED with the guideline: prestige, quality and creativity, rolex replica watches was constantly learning, updating technologies to meet customer needs in the best way. TANLONGMED gladly send to the customers products that company currently provides as follows:

A. Medical Equipment

- Physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipments - manufacturer: EMS (UK); Won industry; ...

- Equipments for obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics - manufacturer: Phoenix; MedGyn; ...

- Patient monitor - manufacturer: Infinium; Mekics; ...

- Sterilization equipments - manufacturer: AFA; Huxley; Sturdy; ...

- Equipments for diagnostic and treatment of sleep disorders CPAP: manufacturer: BMC; Weinmann; ...

- Image diagnostic equipments; emergency equipments; operating room equipments

- Dental and otolaryngology equipments - Hallim manufacturer; Hirol; Prime; ...

- Testing equipments

- Environmental processing equipments.

- Family health care equipment - manufacturer: Won industry; Microlife; Omron

- Special: Medical equipments used in the field of sport.

B. Technical Services

- Maintenance and repair of medical equipments. Special: ultrasound probe repair for all carriers

- Construction of medical air systems center: Oxygen, Air, vaccum.

- Close-paneled lead room to: X - ray, CT

- Consulting and equip medical equipments

- Relocation of medical equipment from the old hospital to the new hospital.

- Rental of machinery and medical equipments.

- Consulting, design, supervision, Medical constructions: clinics, health centers, hospitals at all levels, ......

Again, the company representatives would like to to send to the customers sincere thanks, for your trust and support us during the past.


Best regards.