Bảo trì sửa chữa thiết bị y tế

Nationwide, there are hundreds of provincial and central specialized hospitals and hospitals, over 500 district hospitals. However, the contingent of officials and workers in technical repair and maintenance of medical equipment is not strong.

With 10 years of operating experience, medical equipment TANLONGMED has:

Knowledge & skills:

  • Removing and installing medical equipment with proper techniques, meeting maintenance and repair work.
  • Perform daily maintenance of medical equipment in the right way.
  • Judging, analyzing, checking, localizing damaged areas in the machine
  • Perform repair of some common damage of medical equipment.
  • Prepare, select and implement troubleshooting and complex situations.
  • Assemble some basic electrical circuits, calibrate to make sure the circuit works well.
  • Use tools to help verify the accuracy of the device.

Autonomy and responsibility:

  • Strictly comply with regulations on electrical safety.
  • Always aware, responsibility in operations need to be thorough, meticulous, accurate and logical.
  • Ensure scientific, aesthetic and convenient when operating and repairing.
  • Be aware of the responsibility in complying with the rules of medical equipment management.
  • There is a spirit of cooperation, proactively proposing options for selection, repair and operation.

We are known to hospitals, health centers and clinics all over the country for not only high professional qualifications, but also professional training. Actual capacity has brought TANLONGMED successes and built trust with customers.

We have long experience in repair, maintenance and maintenance of medical equipment lines such as:

  • Ultrasound machines 2D, 3D, 4D
  • Regular X-ray, high frequency, digital, film washing machines …
  • Testing machines, automatic biochemical, semi-freezing, hematology, centrifugation, …
  • The endoscopes of the ear – nose – throat, internal digestive machine, colposcopy ..
  • Breathing machines, anesthesia machines with breathing, electroencephalogram …
  • Monitors monitor patients, electrocardiographs, fetal monitors, oxygen generators, …
  • Line of teeth, osteoporosis machine, ..
  • Lines of drying machines, incubators, autoclaves, industrial washing machines, hospital waste treatment furnaces …

TANLONGMED is always active in all the lines of replacement materials, components and circuit boards to bring the best machine quality, the repair time is not prolonged and has a reasonable price.

In addition, our company also promotes its strengths through consulting, installing and guiding the use of medical equipment to medical units across the country.

In addition, TANLONGMED also develops the field of medical construction services:

  1. Cold storage system
  2. Oxygen system – Vacuum center
  3. Clean room system
  4. Medical wastewater treatment