Xây dựng hệ thống khí y tế

TANLONGMED – Prestigious unit in the field of construction consultancy, construction design, warranty and maintenance of central medical gas system for hospitals.

We are honored to bring you a modern, professional, safe and economical medical gas system.

Central gas system includes:

  • Oxygen (O2): Medical oxygen, in liquid and gas form
  • Pneumatic
  • VAC suction gas
  • Anesthesia gas (N2O): Liquid and gaseous form
  • Nitrogen gas (N2): Medical nitrogen, in liquid form
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): Medical CO2, in gas form
  • Anesthesia exhaust system (AGSS)

Normally, the central gas system has three basic parts:

1.Terminals and peripherals

  • Air Supply Drive
  • Gas conductor
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Other Peripherals

2.Pipeline system and area control

  • Air Guide System
  • Central Alarm Set

3.Power system

  • O2 source
  • Liquid oxygen tank
  • Vaporizer
  • Regulator
  • Oxygen distribution station
  • CO2 source
  • Central air compressor system
  • Central air intake system


With strict requirements, a medical gas system must ensure the following requirements:

  • Fully and continuously supplying gas with quality that meets international standards. The standards refer to are EN, DIN, BSI, FDA. Besides, this system must also meet the standards of our country’s health ministry.
  • When using the central medical gas system, patients and health care workers are not proactive in supply, requiring the supply source to be overloaded to be sufficiently pressure and have a backup system.
  • The whole system must have at least 3 components: The center provides when – Transmission, control and alarm system – End-level system.
  • The whole system must operate in a synchronous manner, and must be checked for safety continuously.
  • The output system must be arranged in the most favorable position for patients and medical staff when operating.
  • The system is only used for medical purposes.

In addition, this is a medical system, so it requires a high level of safety, so the system must use quality equipment according to American, European standards and issued standards of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health.

TANLONGMED is proud to be the agent of the world’s leading gas firms. We have extensive experience in providing products, consulting on installation and maintenance for large domestic hospitals.