Xây dựng hệ thống kho lạnh

Building cold storage system

Our cold storage system meets reserves from 10-> 10,000 tons

  1. Storage temperature from 0 ~ 8 degrees Celsius
  2. Freezing temperature, freezing -0 to -80 degrees Celsius

TANLONGMED constructed cold storage in medical, agricultural and food storage.

It is a capacity unit to carry out large projects, from planning, consulting, designing, equipment supply and construction of industrial refrigeration packages such as:

  • Warehouse of pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
  • Cold storage of frozen food, temperature.
  • Pharmaceutical cold storage, temperature.
  • Construction of cold storage of agricultural seeds.
  • Cold storage of fruits, tubers, fruits.
  • Seafood cold storage.
  • Cold storage for food storage.
  • Frozen storage, capacity of 5,000 tons.
  • Pharmaceutical warehouse.
  • Cold panel stainless steel panel, application in clean room, medical.
  • Cold storage for frozen seafood.

Check and maintain the cold storage system, cold rig

  • Periodically check the maintenance of medical cold storage, the construction works, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation process.
  • check maintenance of cold storage, refrigerant, air conditioning system, industrial air conditioning … according to customer needs.

Come to our company, you will be consulted attentively and serve the whole package with the motto of prestige of quality and customers’ benefits are always leading, the most competitive and prestigious price.