Xây dựng hệ thống phòng sạch y tế

Services to build a medical clean room system provided by TANLONGMED include:

  • Consult the hospital clean room
  • Hospital clean room design
  • Construction and installation of hospital clean rooms
  • Measuring, maintaining and maintaining hospital clean rooms

Clean rooms for hospitals should ensure the following factors:

Power system

  • The light source is separated from the power used for the device.
  • Electrical systems for operating rooms must be provided continuously.
  • Power source of operating room must support well for electric equipment such as operating clock, automatic push button, X-ray filter …

Clean air

  • System of sterile air with positive pressure with UV sterilizing equipment (increase of pasteurization efficiency),
  • Hepa micro-level air filter and positive pressure generator prevent bacteria from invading from outside, limiting the lack of oxygen …

Clean room lighting system

  • Light must ensure alertness and quickness.
  • Reflecting the most realistic so that doctors can see it quickly and clearly.
  • Clean rooms in hospitals are also classified according to different levels of cleanliness according to international standard FS209, ISO 14644-1, ASHRAE 170-2008.

With many years of experience in the field of equipment, medical supplies, design and construction for hospitals … according to domestic and foreign standards.

TANLONGMED is always highly appreciated by customers for the quality of products and services.

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