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TANLONGMED is curently the representative of many leading brands and manufacturers in the world in the field of Medical equipment:

  • EMS - UK: physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment
  • Won industry - Korea: physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment
  • Phoenix - India: pediatric equipment
  • MedGyn - USA: obstetrics equipment
  • Infinium - USA: Monitor patient monitoring; SPO2 monitors, fetal monitors, ...
  • Mekics - Korea: ECG machines, machine emulator; body analyzer.
  • AFA- Taiwan: Auto Autoclave sterilization, versatile operating table, gynecological tables, birth delivery table, surgery lamps, ...
  • BMC - China: Equipment for diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders CPAP
  • Image diagnosis equipment; emergency equipment; operating room equipment
  • Hallim; Hirol; Prime: Dental Equipment and otolaryngology..

We are passionate about technology, we are knowledgeable about the equipment, we meet the several needs replica watches of the equipment and machinery of customers.